The purpose of the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Beekeepers Association is to promote the education of beekeepers and the public. This is accomplished through monthly meeting of the association membership, special hands on field days, providing speakers at local schools, fairs, markets, and by invitation from local organizations. 


Hello Fellow Beekeepers!
After reading all of your suggestions from the December meeting, we have come up with an itinerary for the year. We are restructuring the meetings (still the second Thursday 7pm-9) so we can include many of the ideas you shared with us. Our first meeting in January we will open with the business portion of the meeting and quickly break out into new committees. We will be forming the following four committees-
1. Purchasing
2. Education
3. Publicity
4. Mentoring
These committees will allow you to take an active role in our club, and they are a great place for your voice to be heard! We will need chair members of each committee, and we should be able to get quite a bit done with everyone helping.
The last half hour of our meeting, we will have a hands on demo on how to make lip balm (each person will go home with one tube they helped make).
With the exception of January’s meeting the structure for our ‘regular meetings’ will change. Each meeting will follow the following (general, and apt to change) schedule.
7pm Business.
7:15 - ‘Beekeeper of the Month’
7:50- Coffee and break
8pm-. Committees
8:15- Hands on activity. For these we would like to do the following this year- queen rearing, how to make a split, showing honey, mead making, creamed honey. Exact classes will be posted as soon as we have volunteers to teach them (please contact me at hippychicksfarm@hotmail.com if you have the talent)!
9pm- Meeting adjourned.
We are also looking at two workshops/field trips- one in the spring and fall. If you have any suggestions, please contact me at hippychicksfarm@hotmail.com.
I personally thank each one of you for investing your time and energy in helping make our club a success!
Alex Hersom, President WVEPBA

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